Our Service Areas For Wisconsin

Service Areas - Brothers Moving & Storage - Milwaukee, WIBrothers Moving & Storage service areas are based on three factors, local moves, intrastate moves, and interstate moves. Our movers handle all three types of moves. If you have any questions please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us and one of our moving coordinators will answer any questions you may have.

Local Movers

Brothers Moving & Storage provides local movers around the southeastern Wisconsin area to include but not limited to Waukesha Movers, Milwaukee Movers, Mequon Movers, West Bend Movers, Racine Movers, Kenosha Movers, and everywhere in between. Local moves are any move within a 50-mile radius and is charged on an hourly basis to ensure that your in control of your move and your budget.

Intrastate Movers

Intrastate Moves are moves that the origin and/or destination are outside of 50 miles but in the same state of the moving companies location. These types of moves are charged on a weight and mileage basis. Before the movers arrive they will get an empty weight on the truck. When they arrive, the movers will inventory all items needed to be moved. Then your movers will get a heavy weight of the truck with your items on board, that will determine the weight of the shipment.

Interstate Movers

Interstate moves are when you are moving from one state to another or if the moving company has to cross state lines to reach your origin or destination. These types of moves are also charged on a weight and mileage basis and handled the same as an intrastate move.

Moving Services For Many Areas In Wisconsin