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Brothers Moving & Storage has teams of professional local movers that are trained to move your furniture safely from A to B. On moving day your movers will introduce themselves and do a preliminary walk-through to see what items go and what items do not go, they also listen to any special request the customer might have. The movers will then lay down floor protection and put-up door jamb protectors on all moves to eliminate any chance of damage to floors and door jambs. The local movers will wrap all of your furniture in furniture blankets and disassemble and reassemble any furniture needed for safe transport. Before the movers leave your residence, they will do a walk-through to make sure everything that needs moving is safely on the truck and secured. If you have any questions, check out our frequently asked questions page or contact us.

Local Movers
Local Movers

Trucks Are Equipped With:

  • Furniture Blankets: Our moving trucks come with furniture blankets which our professional local movers use to protect your items.
  • Dollies: Our movers utilize box dollies  and 4 wheel dollies to speed up the process of moving to save time and cost.
  • Appliance Dolly: All moving crews are equipped with appliance dollies to make your move easier when it comes to heavy refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers etc.
  • T.V Boxes: All moves come with T.V. Boxes to protect your big screen T.V. for safe transport.
  • Tools: Your moving crew will arrive with all the tools to disassemble and reassemble anything needed for safe transport.
  • Loading Straps: Your movers will use loading straps to secure your items from shifting and/or getting damaged during transport.

We Protect Your Home:

  • Floor Protection: When your local movers arrive the crew will lay out floor runners to protect your floor from nicks, scratches, and soil.
  • Door Jamb Protection: Before the first piece is moved out of the home your movers will protect your door jambs from damage when large items are moved through the doorway.
  • Banister Protection: When needed your moving crew will pad your banisters to prevent damage during the moving process.
Local Movers

Moving Process With Our Local Movers:

This is the moving process with our local movers that every customer can expect from beginning to end when it comes to local moving with Brothers Moving & Storage.

  • Our uniformed movers will arrive at your residence and introduce themselves.
  • The movers will do a walk through with you the customer to see what items go and what does not go, as well as answer any questions you may have.
  • The movers will lay down floor protection: ex: rug runners, door jamb protectors, etc.
  • The movers will pad wrap furniture in moving blankets, they will also disassemble furniture that needs to be disassembled for safe transport.
  • Your items will be securely loaded onto the truck for transport to your destination.
  • The movers will then do a walkthrough with you when they are done loading to make sure all items are on the truck that need to be moved.
  • The movers will do a walkthrough to get an idea of the layout for unloading, and to answer any questions you may have.
  • The movers will lay down floor protection: ex: rug runners, door jamb protectors, etc.
  • The movers will begin unloading the truck and placing items in the correct rooms suggested by the customer.
  • The movers will reassemble all furniture that was disassembled at origin and place in the room where customer would like.
  • When truck is finished being unloaded, the movers will ask if anything needs to be moved around to make sure the customer is happy with final placement.
  • The movers will perform a final walkthrough with customer to make sure that everything was done to customers satisfaction, as well as a look at the empty truck to make sure all items are unloaded.
  • The movers will clean up any debris left behind, as well as protection used on customer’s home.
  • Your move has been completed with Brothers Moving & Storage.

We would love the chance to earn your business, so please if you have questions please check out our frequently asked questions page or contact us.

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