Moving Tip Number Five

Packing Tip on Packing a Dish Pack

Moving tip number five will give you great packing tips on getting the kitchen packed up. When packing your home, you may find that the kitchen is the hardest and longest area to pack. The kitchen is normally the last area to be packed as this area is used most often in a home. Moving tip number five will help with your packing tips.

Packing Dishes

Brothers Moving & Storage sells moving boxes that are designed for packing your dishes and kitchen. These boxes are double corregated to hold and protect the glass. First you want to take your dish and make sure to place in the center of your paper pile. You want to pull the corners of the paper over the plate to securely wrap it. You want to do this to about 3-4 more plates all same size. Stack plates together and turn the stack upside down and wrap the entire bundle. Place the bundle on top of a layer of crumbled up packing paper at the bottom of the dish pack, make sure to stand the plates upright and not lay them down. Continue this process with the rest of the plates and bowls.

Packing Stemware and Glasses

You first want to very gently put wadded up paper inside of the glasses, then wrap the stems and handles with paper. Make sure the slightly crumble paper to create lots of padding for each piece. You want to pack your glasses at the top of the dish pack as these are the most fragile items. With packing a dish pack you want to have layers, kind of like a cake. Make sure to put crumbled up paper in between each layer like frosting for extra protection. You can even take your stemware and pack it inside of a book box and then put the book box inside of the dish pack for extra protection while packing.

Packing Other Kitchen Items

Packing other items in the kitchen can be easier, the knives should be wrapped in paper, taped and clearly labeled for unpacking safety. Pots and pans can nest with paper in between each layer. The best tip is lots of paper when packing kitchen items. Tupperware can be placed on the top of the box.

Brothers Moving & Storage is here to help you with any questions that you may have on packing, as well as provide full packing and unpacking services if you need it. If you need moving boxes, please visit our moving boxes page for pricing and sizes that are appropriate for what you are packing. You can always check out our reviews and call us for a free no cost estimate. Moving tip number five focused on packing a dish pack, stay tuned next week for a new moving tip.

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