Moving Tip Number Six, Brothers Moving & Storage Milwaukee, WI
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Moving Tip Number Six

Donating Items for your Upcoming Move

Moving tip number six will focus on getting your move ready, and organizing your home by donating any items that are not needed nor used in the last few months.  Brothers Moving & Storage will focus on how to best organize and figure out what items should be donated and what items should be moved to your new home.  Brothers Moving & Storage has many moving tips that can help you alleviate the stressful moments during your move.

Room by Room

Start out your process of organizing for donation by going room by room.  Start out in the furthest room from the door and work your way towards the front door, last go through the basement which can of course be the most daunting task.  Moving tip number six is great for helping to save you money while you are preparing for your move.  When preparing for a move it helps to be organized and help to save money by getting rid of unwanted and items that are not needed nor been used in a while.

Assessing All of your Items

With moving tip number six helping to give you great tips on donating items for your upcoming move, make sure to assess all of your items that are in your home.  You want to pick up each item and look carefully at it, you will want to determine if it is something that has been used in the last couple of months.  If the items has not been used in a few months, you want to then take the item and make two different piles.  You will want to then determine if it is something that can be donated, or if it is something that should be thrown away.  Slightly used items can be donated while items that are more used, or damaged should be thrown away.  Do not be afraid to throw things away, while you are decluttering your life, you are also saving money on your move by moving less things.

Contacting Donation Centers

You can always contact your local donation centers to see if they will pickup the items that you have set aside for donation.  Goodwill, as well as many other local charities will make an appointment to pick up your items.  If they do not offer pickup, you can either take the items and drop them off in your vehicle, or Brothers Moving & Storage can load the items on the truck and drop them off at the local charity of your choice.  Moving tip number six focuses on the donation of the items, reason being is that these items will help the many people in need, as well as help to get local people back on their feet.  One example is with our Milwaukee movers we have made several donations to the local goodwill from our customers, also let the crew know to get the slip when dropping off and the office will mail this tax deduction slip back to you to help you save more money.

Brothers Moving & Storage is your local moving company that has a great focus on customer service.  Brothers Moving & Storage always keeps its customers in mind when doing a move from the first day we talk to you to following up after your move to make sure that everything went smoothly.  Making sure to go through your house and getting rid of unwanted items and donating them help you to save money two different ways, there are less things to move which saves time and money, and the tax deduction from the donation help you save money as well.

Call Brothers Moving & Storage today to get your free moving quote and to speak with a great customer service representative today.  To read more about our company please visit our website at, and you can click on the Request a Quote button to get a quote also.  If you have any questions, or a great idea for a future blog please call and let us know today. Thank you for using Brothers Moving & Storage your local family owned moving company.

Moving Tip Number Six, Brothers Moving & Storage Milwaukee, WI
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