Moving Tip Number Two

Winter Tips for A Flawless Move

Moving Tip Number Two is going to give you some useful tips on what you can do to help make your move as flawless as possible during the winter months. During the winter months, the weather can change in a matter of seconds. Snow and ice are the two main culprits during this time of year. I will help to give you some ideas as to how to help your move go along smoothly during inclement weather.

Outside Weather Moving Tips

With the outside weather being particularly messy this time of year, things can slow down during the move. Movers have to deal with slippery ice and snow. You as the customer are responsible for clearing a path for your movers. When it snows you want to make sure to shovel all areas that the movers may need to walk. This includes sidewalks, driveways, and all door areas and patios. Once you are done clearing the snow, you want to make sure that you salt the area so that no ice forms.  In doing these steps, ensures that your move can be completed safely and efficiently.

Keeping The Weather Elements Out

With the outside weather during this time of year being messy. We have some moving tips on keeping your inside clean during your move. Brothers Moving & Storage has its crew lay down floor protection which is neoprene rug runners.  Doing this step helps to ensure that the outside snow stays outside or on the rug runner. If you would however like to protect your carpeting further, you can always purchase a carpet shield.  If you visit our moving boxes page you can see that this is something we offer and can have the movers bring out on moving day. A carpet shield is something that will help to further protect your carpeting. You can also lay down old moving boxes on the hardwood floor. This is something that Brothers Moving & Storage does have on their trucks sometimes, so feel free to ask the movers.

One More Thing

Living in Wisconsin can be a beautiful thing. When the snow falls it makes for a beautiful setting, and this is a setting that should stay outdoors. Always check your local weather to see if your area is expecting any snow on your move day, and if it is, just remember to follow this moving tip and this will help to make sure your move is as flawless as possible.

Brothers Moving & Storage is a local, family-owned moving company that offers free moving quotes.  If you have any questions, would like to get a quote for free, or just want to leave a comment or suggestion for a great tip, please contact us.

If you enjoyed moving tip number two and are thirsty for more moving tips and tricks, visit our next blog on how to pack a book box.

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