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Packing Material for Moving

Packing for your upcoming move can be confusing. Brothers Moving & Storage offers different types of packing material. Whether you are packing yourself, or having us do the packing for you. I will discuss the different types of packing material we sell as well as a brief description of what they are used for.

Packing Material Bundles

Brothers Moving & Storage offers packing material for sale by the bundle. Each bundle is depending on the size of the apartment/home you are moving out of. These are just suggestions and depending on the amount of items to be packed could be fewer boxes, or more boxes needed. Here is a list of the bundles that we offer for sale, you can also visit our moving boxes page on our website for more information.

  • 1 Bedroom:  5 Small Boxes, 10 Medium Boxes, 2 Large Boxes, 1 Dish Pack, 1 Wardrobe Box, 1 Picture Box, 1 Paper Bundle, 1 Paper Pad and 2 Rolls of Tape
  • 2 Bedroom:  10 Small Boxes, 10 Medium Boxes, 5 Large Boxes, 3 Dish Pack, 3 Wardrobe Boxes, 2 Picture Boxes, 1 Paper Bundle, 2 Paper Pads, 3 Rolls of Tape
  • 3 Bedroom:  10 Small Boxes, 10 Medium Boxes, 10 Large Boxes, 5 Dish Pack, 6 Wardrobe Boxes, 3 Picture Boxes, 2 Paper Bundle, 3 Paper Pads, 5 Rolls of Tape
  • 4 Bedroom:  10 Small Boxes, 12 Medium Boxes, 12 Large Boxes, 7 Dish Pack, 8 Wardrobe Boxes, 5 Picture Boxes, 3 Paper Bundle, 8 Rolls of Tape
  • 5 Bedroom:  15 Small Boxes, 20 Medium Boxes, 10 Large Boxes, 8 Dish Pack, 10 Wardrobe Boxes, 7 Picture Boxes, 5 Paper Bundle, 7 Paper Pads, 12 Rolls of Tape

Individual Material for Sale

Brothers Moving & Storage offers packing material for sale individually as well as bundle packages. If you are looking for just certain boxes for specific items, we have them as well.  Below is a list of the boxes that we sell as well as a description of what each box is used for. Please visit our moving boxes page on our website for pricing.

  • Dish Pack–Used for dishes, china, as well as fragile items, etc.
  • Small Boxes–Used for books, office supplies, smaller heavy items, etc.
  • Medium Boxes–Used for small pictures, clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Large Boxes–Used for linens, bedding, pillows, etc.
  • Wardrobe Boxes–Used for hanging clothes, as well as posters, etc.
  • Picture Boxes–Used for mirrors, pictures, glass, etc.
  • Paper Bundles–Used for wrapping glass, fragile items, etc.
  • Tape–Used for securing boxes, totes, etc.
  • Shrink Wrap–Used for wrapping sofas, loveseats, etc.
  • Loading Strap–Used for securing furniture in load for Pods, Rental Trucks, etc.
  • Carpet Shield–Used to protect carpeting from heavy traffic.
  • Paper Pads–Used for wrapping mirrors, pictures, as well as glass, etc.

When it comes to packing material there are many different size boxes and packing tips that we can offer you. Visit our blog page and find many tips and tricks as well as techniques that moving companies use for packing.

Looking for Brothers Moving & Storage to do the packing for you? Looking to put in an order for packing material? Contact us or get a quote for all of your moving needs as well as packing services.

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