Labor Only Moving

Labor Only Moving and What It Means

When you think of the phrase labor only or when a moving company mentions those words, you may be asking exactly what that means.  Brothers Moving & Storage offers many moving services and labor only is one of them.  I will give you some examples of what that means and a brief description.

Types of Labor Only Moving

  • Internal Moving Labor – Are you looking to get your floors redone, rearrange your rooms, or move bulky items around the home? Our movers still come out in the moving truck for all jobs. This is to ensure that our movers have all the necessary equipment to move your items safely as well as protect your home and floors.
  • Moving Within Same Building – If you are just moving down the hall, our movers can help you get this done with all the wonderful ways of a local move.
  • Loading/Unloading Rental Truck – Have you decided to rent your truck and need labor only? Hire Brothers Moving & Storages to load or unload your truck professionally. When you rent your truck, make sure you also rent moving blankets so our movers can pad your furniture for safe transport.
  • Loading/Unloading Storage Containers – When you decide to rent mobile storage ex:  Pods, Units, etc… Brothers Moving & Storage can help you load your household items safely into our out-of-the-storage container as it sits conveniently in your driveway.
  • Internal Office Moving – Looking to just rearrange your office space, or looking to reorganize a few things. We can help with all your labor only moving needs.

What We Use During Our Services

While Brothers Moving & Storage is providing labor-only services to you, our movers still come out in a moving truck.  On our truck is all of the equipment that is needed to help make your move safe. There are rug runners, moving blankets, dollies, and floor and door jamb protection. We are fully equipped with anything the movers may need to help make everything safer.

Get a quote on your upcoming move no matter what moving services you are looking for. Do you have any suggestions on future tips that you would like to see? Visit our Contact Us page and send a message.


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