Happy Holidays From Brothers Moving & Storage

Brothers Moving & Storage Holidays

Happy Holidays From Brothers Moving & Storage

Happy Holidays from Brothers Moving & Storage. With the holiday moving season quickly approaching I would like to give a few tips and tricks. Also if you are moving during this time here are a few fun ideas that you can do with your moving boxes that you have unpacked if you already moved.

Less Stress During Holiday Moving

While moving can be stressful, there are many things you can do to help take some of that stress away.  I will give you several ideas, and even some that you can do with the kids. Trying to make things more fun will help give you less stress during the Holidays.

Fun Activities for Kids

  • Give the kids markers and crayons, this way they can make the moving boxes decorative
  • Have the kids write a letter to Santa with a new address to make sure he knows where they are moving too
  • Maybe leave a gift in the new home before the kids get there they will love this
  • Keep snacks on hand to keep the kids busy

Moving Tips for the Parents

  • Pack all of your holiday items in one or two boxes and put them off to the side
  • Make your holiday cards your new address cards as well, helps save time
  • Start your packing earlier so you can enjoy your family
  • Hire your movers early to make sure you get your date booked in

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