Moving Boxes and Supplies

If you’re in need of moving boxes and supplies, Brothers Moving & Storage has what you need. You can purchase by the package or ala-carte. If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, feel free to contact us. Remember, we are always here to help, so if you need assistance with any packing, Brothers Moving & Storage offers professional packing services.

Moving Box Bundles:

1 Bedroom

1 Bedroom Moving Boxes- Brothers Moving & Storage - Milwaukee, WI

5 Small Boxes 10 Medium Boxes 2 Large Boxes 1 Dish Pack Box 1 Wardrobe Box 1 Picture Box 1 Packing Paper 1 Paper Pad 2 Rolls Of Tape

2 Bedroom


10 Small Boxes 10 Medium Boxes 5 Large Boxes 3 Dish Pack Boxes 3 Wardrobe Boxes 2 Picture Boxes 1 Packing Paper 2 Paper Pads 3 Rolls Of Tape

3 Bedroom


10 Small Boxes 10 Medium Boxes 10 Large Boxes 5 Dish Pack Boxes 6 Wardrobe Boxes 3 Picture Boxes 2 Packing Paper 3 Paper Pads 5 Rolls Of Tape

4 Bedroom


10 Small Boxes 12 Medium Boxes 12 Large Boxes 7 Dish Pack Boxes 8 Wardrobe Boxes 5 Picture Boxes 3 Packing Paper 5 Paper Pads 8 Rolls Of Tape

5 Bedroom


15 Small Boxes 20 Medium Boxes 10 Large Boxes 8 Dish Pack Boxes 10 Wardrobe Boxes 7 Picture Boxes 5 Packing Paper 7 Paper Pads 12 Rolls Of Tape

Moving Boxes Per Piece:

Moving Box Type Dimensions Moving Box Uses Price
Dish Pack 18x18x18 Dishes, China, etc. $11.95 each
Small Box 16x12x12 Books, Office Supplies, etc. $4.45 each
Medium Box 18x18x16 Small Pictures, Clothes, etc. $5.45 each
Large Box 24x18x18 Linen, Bedding, etc. $6.45 each
Wardrobe Box 20x18x44 Hanging Clothes, Posters, etc. $12.59 each
Picture Box 40×60 Mirrors, Pictures, etc. $13.55 each
Packing Paper 25lb. Bundle Wrapping Glass, etc. $28.00 each
Tape 2″x110 Yd. roll Securing Boxes, etc. $4.94 each
Shrink Wrap 15″x1500′ roll Wrapping Sofas, Loveseats, etc. $28.00 each
Loading Strap 15′ Rachet Strap Securing furniture in load $16.00 each
Carpet Shield 24″x50′ Protect carpeting from heavy traffic $28.00 each
Paper Pads 55″x72″ Wrapping mirrors, pictures, etc. $3.69 each

Packing is a crucial part of your move. An organized and planned packing process will allow you to start your new life at your location quickly and easily. Brothers Moving & Storage have come up with some important tips in order for you to create a smooth packing process.

  1. If you plan to do your own packing, start well in advance of moving day by packing the out of season items and items not being used daily. This avoids last minute rushing which causes stress and/or to forget other important details.
  2. Boxes should not exceed 50lbs.
  3. A good packing rule: the smaller the box, the heavier contents can be, thus the larger the box the lighter the contents.
  4. Always have a parts box for screws, bolts, remotes, etc. and label them so they are easy to find at destination.
  5. When marking boxes, we suggest you mark contents and new location/room to be placed at destination-both on the top and on the side for easy identification.
  6. Mark fragile boxes as such.
  7. When marking up boxes, make sure to run tape in both directions perpendicular on the bottom and do the same on top when sealing the box.
  8. Make sure fragile items are cushioned on top and bottom and wrapped safely.
  9. Be generous with the cushioning material. NOTE: having less empty space in a box will help prevent damage.
  10. Don’t use printed newspaper as wrapping. The ink can transfer onto your belongings.

Check in periodically at our latest news page where you can find more tips like these, other news, and events or please feel free to contact us.