Moving Tip Number Four

Moving Checklist

Moving tip number four will focus on having a moving checklist. A moving checklist is a must-have to help keep your move organized. There are many different aspects of moving and when you follow these simple steps it will help you to organize.

Local moving is stressful and moving tip number four helps with making a moving checklist. A Moving Checklist can help you to organize during your moving process and be less stressed out.

Below are some basics of a moving checklist. Every individual move is different. Adding or removing some things is always needed.

When you, the customer, are moving you can call Brothers Moving & Storage at any time to ask questions, or if you need help with packing.

1-2 Months Before:

  • Create a binder for all of your moving records
  • Plan how you would like to move (hire movers, Container, or rent a truck)
  • If storage is needed, look at all of your options, we do offer climate-controlled storage at our warehouse
  • Call all utility companies to disconnect and reconnect at the new home
  • Plan how you will move your valuables (who will take them and who will transport them)
  • Hold a garage sale, donate items, or sell anything you do not plan to move, as moves can help you to get rid of unwanted or unused items
  • Get the material for packing boxes if you are doing the packing yourself (we have packing services as well)

3-4 Weeks Before:

  • Finalize your moving plans, hire movers, or secure container or truck rental
  • Start packing all items that you do not need daily sure to label boxes by room and content
  • Take all valuables and place them in one box that you will take yourself
  • Make one box labeled “PARTS BOX”, and put all parts, remotes, etc in this box centrally located in the home
  • Fill out your change of address form for the post office, this can also be done online
  • Notify insurance, banks, credit cards, etc of the change of address

The Day Of:

  • Remove all items left to be packed (bedding, pillows, blankets, etc)
  • Take the moving company through your home to inform them of what goes and what stays behind
  • Make sure the moving company has the correct destination address
  • When movers are done loading the truck, do a final walk-through of the home to make sure that all items have been loaded and there is no damage done to the home.
  • Sign all paperwork for the move at the origin, and make sure someone is at the destination to meet the moving company to unload
  • Make sure you tell the moving company at the new home where you would like your furniture in your new home.
  • When the move is completed make sure to do a walk-through with the moving company, when one moves it ensures that everything is where you would like it in your new home.
  • Start Unpacking your boxes, starting with the essential items first, and go from there.

With moving tip number four there are many different ways to enhance or change the moving checklist. Every move is different, with Brothers Moving and Storage we are here to help you with every aspect of your move. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like a free moving estimate, get a quote today!

Our next blog will go over tips on how to pack your dishes and fragile items.

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