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How to save money on moving day

Moving tip for this week we will talk about disassembly and re-assembling beds to help save time and money on your move.  While Brothers Moving & Storage will take beds apart and put beds back together, you can save time by doing this yourself.

How to take apart a bed properly for moving

In knowing how to take a bed apart from a frame is vital in moving your home.  Follow these steps on how to properly disassemble the bed:

  • Step 1:  Completely strip down the bed of all bedding, pillows, etc.
  • Step 2:  Remove the mattresses from the base of the bed
  • Step 3:  Unscrew the headboard and the foot-board from the frame of the bed
  • Step 4:  Remove all slats from the side rails of the bed
  • Step 5:  Make sure to either put all screws back in the holes, or put in a small labeled ziplock bag then put it in a parts box, so it is easier to find at destination
  • Step 6:  Make sure all slats are together and wrap with tape inside out then right side in, to keep them together for moving day
  • Step 7:  Get a mattress bag for your mattress (which can be purchased from Brothers Moving & Storage and other retail locations) and bag it up, this protects it from dirt, and makes it easier to move

Assembling the bed at your new home

This is now the easier part of the moving tip, all you have to do is take the above steps and go in reverse.  With all the hardware in the parts box, they are easy to find.

Moving Tips to help with your move

Brothers Moving & Storage is here to help with any of your moving needs.  The assembly/dis-assembly of the beds is a just a tip, our moving crew always comes prepared with a basic toolkit to take beds apart and also put them back together in your new home.  You can always check out our reviews on google.

In our latest news section, we also have a great moving checklist to help you with your move.  Please stay tuned next week for your next moving tip to help you save money on your move.  If you need more tips before then, please contact us and one of our customer service reps will always be there to answer your questions.  Always remember that Brothers Moving & Storage is here to help you with all of your moving needs.  Call us today to get your free moving quote.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Brothers Moving & Storage
Happy Holidays from Brothers Moving & Storage

Happy Holidays from Brothers Moving & Storage

Happy Holidays from Brothers Moving & Storage from our family to yours.  With the holidays comes stress, and if you are moving during the holiday season it can become even more stressful than moving on any other day.  Brothers Moving & Storage will help you reduce the moving stress so you can focus more on your holiday.

Less Stress on Moving Day

While moving can be stressful, there are many things you can do to help you take some of that stress away.  I will give you several ideas, and even some that you can do with the kids.

Fun Activities for Kids

  • Give the kids markers and crayons to make the moving boxes decorative
  • Have the kids write a letter to Santa with new address to make sure he knows where they are moving too
  • Maybe leave a gift in the new home before the kids get there
  • Keep snacks on hand to keep the kids busy

Moving Tips for the Parents

  • Pack all of your holiday items in one or two boxes and put off to the side
  • Make your holiday cards your new address cards as well, helps save time
  • Start your packing earlier so you can enjoy your family
  • Hire your movers early to make sure you get your date booked in

If you are looking for more tips, you can always visit and they have some great tips as well.

Moving at any time can be stressful, but moving during the holidays can be worse.  Call Brothers Moving & Storage today to get a jump start on booking your move.  We can even help you with all of your packing and unpacking.  Brothers Moving & Storage can help you with your move, whether you are moving down the hall, down the street, or across the state.