Moving Supplies

Moving Boxes and Supplies

Moving Boxes

There are different types of moving boxes and supplies needed when you are in the process of moving.  The first one that I will discuss is the different types of moving boxes that are used depending on what items you are packing. Moving box size is very important when packing for a move so the boxes hold up during transit and are not too heavy.

  • Small Box: Books, Office Supplies, Heavier small items, etc.
  • Medium Box: Small Pictures(individually wrapped), Clothes, Shoes, Electronics, etc.
  • Large Box: Linen, Bedding, Pillows, etc.
  • Dish Box: Dishes, China, Vases, etc.
  • Wardrobe Box: Hanging Clothes, Posters, Long light items, etc.
  • Picture Box: Mirrors, Pictures, Frames, etc.

Brothers Moving & Storage offers all sizes for moving boxes, so give us a call if you need moving boxes.  A good rule of thumb to go by when you are packing your moving boxes is to remember if it is a heavier item to make sure that it is in a smaller box, and lighter items such as bedding get placed in the larger moving boxes.  You want to make sure when you are done packing your boxes that when you push down on the top there is no give, if there is a little give, add some crumpled up packing paper to make the moving box more sturdy.  Dish packs are for all fragile items, making sure to use layers, you can visit our blog on packing a dish pack for further help with learning how to pack a dish box.

Packing Supplies

When you are packing your boxes there are other moving supplies that will be needed, making sure not to use newspaper when packing your boxes as this can transfer ink to your belongings.  Below are some of the extra moving supplies needed while packing.

  • Packing Paper: Wrapping Glass, etc.
  • Tape: Securing Boxes, etc.
  • Shrink Wrap: Wrapping Sofas, Loveseats, etc.
  • Carpet Shield: Protect carpeting from heavy traffic
  • Paper Pads: Wrapping mirrors, pictures, etc.
  • Marker: To write on the boxes, marking on sides and tops as well with room and contents

Packing paper is especially crucial when packing dishes and fragile items to keep them from breaking. Taping boxes properly so they do not fall apart and items inside fall out the bottom when being carried, taping boxes across the top and bottom both across in both directions to ensure it is properly closed. Packing is a crucial part of your move. An organized and planned packing process will allow you to start your new life at your location quickly and easily. Brothers Moving & Storage have come up with some important tips in order for you to create a smooth packing process.

Help Packing

Here at Brothers Moving & Storage we also offer packing services, if you find that packing is becoming too much, or feeling overwhelmed we can help make it less stressful. We have trained movers to help with all your packing and moving needs.

Keep your eye out for more information and posts for helpful tips, if there is a particular topic you would like to see discussed, please visit the contact us page on our website and let us know your topic of choice. Brothers Moving & Storage is a small, local family owned moving company with locations in Milwaukee and Waukesha.  If you would like to get a free quote, please visit our website, or give us a call today at 414-815-6683.  Our moving estimates are free of charge and remember that we offer packing services as well as moving boxes.

Moving in Winter

Winter Time Moving Tips

Winter time moving tips, while most moves take place during the summer months, if you choose to move in the winter, don’t be afraid of a little cold.

You may be surprised to find out there are some benefits to planning a move in the wintertime.

Winter months — December, January, February — are off-peak for moving companies, which can mean a wider range of move dates from which to choose. However, before you roll up your long sleeves and dig into a cold move, consider these six winter time moving tips to help keep you on track during your move.

  1. Make sure your utilities are turned on and fully functioning at your new house.
    The last thing you want is to show up at your new residence, in the dead of winter, with no working heat or light. Winter days are shorter, which means you will have less daylight to work with on move-in day. That’s why you’ll want to make sure your heat, water, gas and electric are up and running approximately two days before you move in.
  2. Clear the walkways, driveway and street.
    Regardless of the time of year you decide to move, it’s always a good idea to visit your new home before move-in day and take note of any safety hazards. This is especially important in winter months when slippery conditions can be your worst enemy. Make sure all walkways are free of ice and snow; salt or use sand to secure pathways. Also, check to make sure you have enough parking that is not on a plow route. You don’t want your movers having to trudge through muddied snowbanks while loading and unloading your belongings.
  3. Keep winter wear close at hand.
    Speaking of hands, make sure you have warm gloves and some extra ones for layering when the snow picks up. Even if you hire a full service moving company like Brothers Moving & Storage to move your belongings, you will want to make sure you have your winter necessities accessible. If there’s a chance of sleet or snow on your moving day, make sure to pack changes of clothes in your overnight bag.
  4. Make sure your floors are covered.
    The mix of snow, ice and mud combined with supplies to combat the elements, rock salt and sand, can wreak havoc on your floors. Place floor mats at entrances to all outside doors and plastic tarps over wood floors; for carpeted areas, use cardboard sheets secured with small tacks. Keep in mind, most professional moving companies will come prepared because they understand how important it is to help protect highly trafficked areas in your home. These along with many winter time moving tips are just suggestions, always ask your moving company their policy on protecting your floors.
  5. Stock up on winter supplies.
    You never know when you’ll need to dig your way out of any snowy situation, not only for foot traffic but also in case your vehicle gets stuck. Salt and sand should be readily available along with a shovel. If you own a snow blower, even better! It’s also a good idea to have a space heater accessible just in case temps get super low and you need to provide supplemental heat near an entrance or cold zone.
  6. Keep an eye on the weather and adjust accordingly.
    With so much going on during your move, it may slip your mind to track weather conditions. Set a reminder to check the weather at least a week leading up to your move date, right up until the movers are scheduled to arrive. It’s best to discuss the possibility of weather hindrances and rescheduling policies with your moving company at the time you receive a moving quote. That way, everyone is on the same page and you can have a backup plan should weather postpone your move date.

These are just a few of the winter time moving tips that can help you navigate with your upcoming move.  If you are looking for more tips and tricks please visit our other tips at Brothers Moving and Storage latest news page, if you have any suggestions for future blogs and tips please let us know by sending us a message.  If you would like to get your free, no obligation estimate please visit Brothers Moving and Storage and get your free quote.