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Moving Checklists for Local Moving

Local moving is stressful and moving checklists are something that can help. Moving Checklists can help you to organize during your moving process and be less stressed out.Local Moves

Below here I will show you some basics of a moving checklist, every individual move is different so adding or removing some things is always needed.

When you, the customer, is moving you can call Brothers Moving and Storage at any time to ask questions, or if you need help with packing.

1-2 Months Before the Move is to begin:

  • Create a binder for all of your moving records
  • Plan how you would like to move(hire movers, Container, or renting a truck)
  • If storage is needed, look at all of your options, we do offer storage at our warehouse
  • Call all utility company to disconnect and reconnect at new home
  • Plan how you will move your valuables(who will take and who will transport)
  • Hold garage sale, donate items, or sell anything you do not plan to move, as moves can help you to get rid of unwanted or unused items
  • Get the material for packing boxes if you are doing the packing yourself(we do packing as well)

3-4 Weeks Before Move takes Place

  • Finalize your moving plans, hiring movers or securing container or truck rental
  • Start packing all items that you do not need on a daily basis-Making sure to label boxes by room and content
  • Take all valuables and place in one box that you will take yourself
  • Make one box labeled “PARTS BOX”, and put all parts, remotes, etc in this box centrally located in home
  • Fill out your change of address form for the post office, this can also be done online
  • Notify insurance, banks, credit cards, etc of the change of address

Moving Day

  • Remove all items left to be packed(bedding, pillows, blankets, etc)
  • Take the moving company through your home to inform them of what goes and what stays behind
  • Make sure the moving company has the correct destination address
  • When movers are done loading the truck, do a final walk-through of the home to make sure that all items have been loaded and there is no damage done to the home.
  • Sign all paperwork for the move at origin, make sure someone is at destination to meet the moving company for unload
  • Make sure you tell the moving company at the new home where you would like your furniture in your new home.
  • When move is completed make sure to do a walk-through with the moving company, when one moves it ensures that everything is where you would like it in your new home.
  • Start Unpacking your boxes, starting with the essential items first, and go from there.



Hiring Movers This Season

Brothers Moving & Storage Hiring MoversIt has come to be that time of year again where the moving season is upon us and the time to start hiring movers, and the kids are getting out of school.  The days are getting longer, the sun is out and the warmer weather is here. With this great combination comes the busiest time of year for local moving companies.

Tips And Tricks On Hiring Movers

Here at Brothers Moving & Storage we are prepared to help you with your upcoming move and hiring movers this season.  With this post I will help to give you some information on how to deal with local moving companies in your local areas, and how and when to book.  Brothers Moving & Storage wants to be your  go to movers when the time comes whether you are moving internally, moving down the street, or moving across the state.

Hiring Licensed And Insured Movers

When you get started looking for local moving companies and hiring movers, here are some tips.  What you want to do is be pro-active, first thing to do during the busy moving season is to give moving companies enough lead time.  In the busy season moving companies do book up very fast.  The beginning and end of month are always the first to fill up, so make sure you are giving your moving company plenty of lead time.  When you start calling around for estimates from moving companies always make sure that you are using a licensed and insured moving company.  You can do this by asking for a US DOT number from the moving company and checking them out on This website will show you if the company is licensed and insured to do local moving in your area.

Checking Reviews When Hiring A Moving Company

Now the next thing that you want to do is to research the moving companies that you are considering for your local move, you can do this by looking up the reviews.  Brothers Moving & Storage encourages customers to research and always look up the reviews, price is not always what you want to look at for moving companies, sometimes the cheapest rates mean that you get what you pay for.  With Brothers Moving & Storage you will always get professional movers, our movers work for us, we never hire day labor and our crews always go through constant training to make sure that the customer is getting the best customer service as well as a professional move.

Beware Of Hidden Charges

More things to look for when booking your move during the busy moving season is to make sure that your local moving company is not hiding any charges.  Make sure that you ask the companies you are calling if there are any hidden charges(ex:  bulky articles, stairs, long carry, elevator, extra stops, etc),  With Brothers Moving & Storage we are upfront with all the charges that you the customer would be paying for your move.

Watch Out For Those Scammers

Busy moving season means that you the customer need to be more careful when hiring a moving company. This is the time of year that moving companies try to take advantage of customers that are looking for movers.  As a customer you want to make sure that you are following many different tactics so that you do not fall victim to scams.  Brothers Moving & Storage is also an advocate for you, if you have any questions always feel free to contact us.

Why You Should Move With Brothers Moving & Storage

Brothers Moving & Storage would love to earn your business, we are a small family owned business.  With all of our local moves Brothers Moving & Storage provides floor protection, door jamb protection, trained movers, great customer services, and free quote.  To read more about our company you can visit our website by clicking here and reading the about us page.  Brothers Moving & Storage also has climate controlled storage, we offer full packing services, Residential movers, commercial movers, and labor only services and many more options.

Any questions that you have please feel free to contact us, you can either email us or give us a call.  You can find the information at the contact us page on our website.