Moving Protection

Moving Protection For Your Home

Moving Protection

There are many different items that Brothers Moving & Storage uses as moving protection for your home. I will discuss the different things you will notice on moving day that our crew does to help protect your home.  Brothers Moving & Storage prides itself on helping to ensure that our crews protect both the customers items and the customers home during the moving process to help reduce the stresses of moving.

Rug Runners

When your residential movers arrive the crew will lay out rug runners to protect your floor from nicks, scratches, and soil.  Brothers Moving & Storage uses neoprene runners across any hardwood floors, and carpeted floors starting at the front door going in.  The rug runners help to prevent scratches and soil that may be on your movers shoes from walking into and out of the home.  This is especially useful if say the weather is not cooperating and it is raining or snowing on your moving day.

Door Jamb Protector

Our professional movers will place door jam protector pads on the houses door jams to protect them from nicks and scratches. Brothers Moving & Storage is one of the only moving companies that offer this type of house protection. This kind of moving protection is especially helpful when the movers are trying to get a large piece of furniture out the door, the door jam protectors offer extra protection to both the home and the piece of furniture.

Furniture Blankets

All of our moving trucks come with furniture blankets which our professional movers use to protect your items and your home.  All items are blanketed in the home before they are moved and do not get unblanketed until the item is in its resting place in the new home. Furniture Blankets not only protect the piece being moved they protect the home, say the movers are moving a large dresser around a tight corner or out the front door, the furniture blanket protects the piece and the walls in the home when there are tight areas.

Moving Protection and Brothers Moving & Storage

Brothers Moving & Storage prides itself on providing quality moving services as well as quality movers.  We believe that every customer deserves to have the same experience whether they are moving across state or just moving down the street.

Keep your eye out for more information and posts for helpful tips, if there is a particular topic you would like to see discussed, please visit the contact us page on our website and let us know your topic of choice. Brothers Moving & Storage is a small, local family owned moving company with locations in Milwaukee and Waukesha.  If you would like to get a free quote, please visit our website, or give us a call today at 414-815-6683.  Our moving estimates are free of charge and remember that we offer moving services, packing services as well as moving boxes.